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Fresh Mango, sticky rice with fresh coconut milk

Enjoy on a beautiful sunny day some Thai sticky rice with fresh mango and fresh coconut milk. You can top it off with a refreshing Thai bubble black tea with condensed milk. Thai Tea Recipe made with black tea- chilled with ice, Tapioca pearl aka bubble tea or boba and some sweetened condensed milk. Boba is boiled with sweetened black sugar giving its name and some texture in your tea. Its a must have if you have not ever experienced the Thai tea. Tapioca has health benefits including fiber, protein and calcium and iron.

Thai tea is like iced coffee in the USA. Very refreshing and delicious. It is a great street food in China town if your visiting the cities, or in Thailand everywhere needing something quick and refreshing for your active day yet to be had.

This is such an easy recipe to make yourself. Cut up your fresh mango with a Kom Kom seeding knife and refrigerate while awaiting your sweet sticky rice. To make sweet sticky rice measure accordingly to your quantity wanted. Put warm water on it and let sit awhile before cooking in your rice cooker. They say the longer you let it sit in warm water 2-4 hours prior to cooking the more flavor in the sticky rice. If you don't have the time to let it sit that is ok as I have made it both ways and either way is very delicious especially with the small drizzle of coconut milk over the sweet sticky rice and fresh mango. You will be filled with the refreshing light lunch and ready for your afternoon. While your sticky rice is cooking and you have a fresh coconut you can make your own coconut milk. You will find in our blog on how to make coconut milk. Crack coconut open and grate the coconut meat out. Evolve Us Inc. has several quality coconut tools to work with on there website ranging from $10 on up. Take the grated coconut meat out and put in your blender. Fill with boiled hot water and blend as smooth as possible. The meat will not all blend. You will have to strain out the meat. You can also use milk in place of hot water but it is not necessary. They still call it coconut milk. Coconut milk has the health benefit of fruits and gives you potassium protecting your stomach from inflammation.

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