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How to make your own Coconut milk

Using fresh coconut is away of making your own coconut milk. It takes a fresh coconut, a coconut grater seat or coconut hand grater and water. You can subsitute milk but it is not nesecary. If you do not have access to fresh coconut you may buy the shredded coconut already bagged for convenience purposes.

Each cup of the coconut shredded will equal two cups of coconut milk. You will use two cups of water for each cup of shredded coconut. Measure accordingly and begin by boiling your water bringing it to a full boil.

Take your shredded coconut and put in a blender, add the boiling water over the shredded coconut. Turn on your blender holding the lid tightly while running bringing the coconut to as smooth of texture as possible. There will be lumps of coconut in your blender yet.

Taking a cheese cloth or strainer draing the coconut milk from its solids left. When using fresh coconut vs shredded bagged coconut your going to have more solids in the mixer.

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