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Kom Kom Deluxe 11pc Fruit and Vegetable Carving Set

Kom Kom Deluxe 11pc Fruit and Vegetable Carving Set

SKU: 20055

Kom Kom's 11 pc fruit and vegetable carving set includes your essential tools to get you started and carving for hours.  This deluxe carving set works well with help in the kitchen for those holiday parties!  Kom Kom uses quality stainless steel and has their ergo design handles.  The set has both wooden and plastic handles. Included in this set imported from Thailand is the following: 

2" birds beak knife, plastic handle

2" birds beak knife, wooden handle

3" seeding knife, plastic handle

3.5" seeding knife, wooden handle

4" paring knife, wooden handle

5" paring knife, wooden handle

6" paring knife, wooden handle

Crinkle cutter 10.5" plastic handle

Crinkle cutter 5"  wooden handle

Zig Zag Peeler,  plastic handle

Straight edge Peeler, plastic handle


    $105.00 Regular Price
    $102.00Sale Price


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