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How to clean your fruit and vegetable carving knives between uses:

When fruit and vegetable carving you will need to keep your culinary knives and carving tools clean for future use. The best way to do this is to clean with a soft cloth. If necessary dampen the cloth and wipe the stainless steel blade and handle. After your sure the knives and tools are clean be sure to dry them fully. Since some fruits and vegetables are acidic they can damage the blades if residue is left on them between uses. After they are dry it is recommended to use cooking oil on the blade to preserve between carving uses especially if your not an avid carver.

Wooden handles are similar as the plastic handle culinary carving tools. Ordinarily you should hand wash the tools vs cleaning in a dishwasher. If the tools have sheaths (covers) for protecting the flexible detailing blades be sure to have the blade completely clean and dry.

If you ever experience you had not cleaned the blade quite well enough and it shows signs of rust forming you may try lightly using fine sand paper on the lightly discolored areas of the blades. Typically fruit and vegetable carving knives are thin to ensure some flexibility for culinary detailing into the produce so be know just like sharpening the blade will thin and lesson.

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